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AFA 2021: Amentum almost done with DynCorp integration

Amentum, which acquired fellow US government services provider DynCorp International in November 2020, has completed most of the work required to combine the two entities, according to an Amentum official.

“The integration's gone really, really well,” said Ron “Fog” Hahn, Amentum's executive vice-president for strategic growth. “We have a few minor things that we're finalising, but we're 90-plus% complete.”

As part of the integration effort, Amentum formed an Aviation business unit combining elements of both companies. It also moved DynCorp's logistics activities into Amentum's Mission Readiness business unit.

The acquisition created a combined entity with more than USD6 billion in annual revenue and more than 34,000 employees. The transaction is already yielding benefits, such as pooling efforts to enhance predictive maintenance, Hahn told Janes on 21 September at the Air Force Association's (AFA's) annual conference near Washington, DC.

Amentum, which is owned by US private equity firms American Securities and Lindsay Goldberg, continues to explore potential acquisitions.

“We're always looking for new acquisitions,” said Hahn, a former US Marine Corps pilot. “Amentum is dedicated to looking at where we think there are capabilities that can improve our performance in the marketplace.

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