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Inbra Terrestre to complete development of Gladiador II protected 4x4

Inbra Terrestre, which is part of Brazil’s Inbra group, is finalising development of its Gladiador II 4x4 multi-purpose armoured vehicle to meet Brazilian Army and local homeland security forces requirements.

Development of the reconnaissance configuration began in January 2015, the company told Jane’s .

Inbra Terrestre plans to conduct in-house testing and durability evaluations later this year. The platform has a monocoque hull, and the company is installing an ABS brake system and a 13-inch LCD digital dashboard offering GPS-based mapping and video reproduction. Inbra Terrestre hopes to test the vehicle at the Army Evaluation Centre after the development phase is complete.

Other versions are planned, including command post, ambulance, electronic warfare, workshop, radar carrier, troop carrier, and homeland security variants.

Inbra Terrestre is developing Gladiador II to meet local requirements (Victor Barreira)

Inbra Terrestre is developing Gladiador II to meet local requirements (Victor Barreira)

It features combat weight of 9,200 kg, payload of 1,500 kg, 100 km/h top speed, and an estimated 500 km range. It is 5.3 m long, 2.3 m wide, 2.2 m high, and has space for five personnel. The vehicle can negotiate a gradient and side slopes of 60% and 30%, respectively.

As standard, it includes a 186 hp Cummins ISB4.5 diesel engine; 7+1-speed Allison 2500SP automatic transmission; AxleTech axles; independent suspension; hydraulic steering unit; air conditioning kit; central tire inflation system (CTIS); Michelin XZL 365/85R20 tires; two-speed transfer case; 24V electrical system; 120 litre fuel tank; five gun ports; provisions for communications; recovery winch; and two roof-mounted hatches. It can also host a fire extinguishing system; electric recovery winch; add-on armour; smoke grenade launchers; battle management system (BMS); active protection system; CBRN protection equipment; situational awareness system; and shielded ring mount or remote weapon station.

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