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IDF rolls out multi-dimensional concept into officer training

An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officer’s course has for the first time incorporated training techniques shaped by the military’s new ‘Victory’ concept and the recently established Multi-Dimensional Unit (MDU), which combines elite infantry, armoured, engineering, C4i, intelligence, and air force elements.

Colonel Beni Aharon, staff commander at the IDF’s National Defense College and commander of the 8th Armored (Reserve) Brigade, told Janes the new three-month training programme came out of the ‘victory workshop’ held by IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi and meetings he had with all IDF major generals and many brigadier generals in 2019.

“The goal was to re-examine the enemy and formulate new ways of winning, identifying the required capabilities and skills, and how the IDF will look in the future,” said Col Aharon. “This led to the formulation of a General Staff doctrine on how victory should look in the event that conflict erupts tomorrow morning, as well as what resources are needed.”

The IDF’s National Defense College runs two courses: Alon is for company commanders en route to more senior positions and Afek is for lieutenant colonels and higher ranks. The new training programme has been incorporated into the eight-month Alon course, with officers from different corps who previously would not have encountered one another now being mixed together, said Col Aharon.

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