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IDEX 2021: Highland Systems enters the market with its Storm APC

Highland Systems, a new Ukrainian venture operating out of the UAE, in association with the Streit Group, has entered the armoured fighting vehicle market with its Storm tracked amphibious vehicle, unveiled at the IDEX 2021 exhibition.

Storm was developed with support from the Streit Group, which provided financial assistance, materials, and facilities for the development of the initial armoured prototype.

Ukraine’s Highland Systems unveiled its Storm amphibious APC at IDEX 2021.  (Streit Group )

Ukraine’s Highland Systems unveiled its Storm amphibious APC at IDEX 2021. (Streit Group)

It was designed to perform as a multi-purpose platform to meet the needs of users such as marines or countries with amphibious vehicle requirements. It is a diesel hybrid in a series, two-line configuration, which means that power from a generator and battery pack is transferred to two electric motors, one at each drive sprocket. The total output of the motors is 440 kW (590 hp), with each motor providing 210 kW and 4,400 Nm of force. A third motor is included, with an output of 150 kW and torque of 1,000 Nm to power the HamiltonJet waterjet, a Highland Systems representative told Janes on 20 February.

The vehicle can reach a top speed of 140 km/h on roads and sand, according to Highland Systems. This is due in part to its light gross vehicle weight of 8,000 kg, including a 3,500 kg payload, and composite rubber tracks designed by a UAE-based company, which reduce rolling resistance when compared with conventional steel tracks. The vehicle was displayed at IDEX with steel tracks but the rubber alternatives are used in trials, the company said.

In addition, the weight of the vehicle, spread over six roadwheels, results in a ground pressure of 230 g/cm2. This would enable it to pass over some pressure-activated mines without triggering them, Highland Systems said.

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