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IDEF 2019: Otokar displays Akrep IIe electric armoured vehicle

Using independent research and development funding Turkey’s Otokar has developed a prototype of the Akrep IIe technology demonstrator, Turkey’s first electric armoured vehicle. The platform was shown for the first time at IDEF 2019, held in Istanbul from 30 April to 3 May.

The Akrep IIe features a powerful electric motor integrated to the axle coupled with an advanced battery pack and smart power-control algorithm.

According to Otokar its compact size, low silhouette, and low acoustic and thermal signatures make it ideal for reconnaissance missions.

The company said the modular Akrep II design allows it to accommodate not just different mission systems and weapons but also alternative powerplants. As well as being marketed with an electric drive system, the vehicle will also be marketed with a diesel powerpack or even a hybrid drive system.

The Akrep IIe shown at IDEF was what Otokar describes as a light infantry fire support vehicle that features a remotely operated turret sporting a 25 mm main armament and a sensor mast. Otokar claims, however, that the vehicle can accommodate turrets armed with medium weapons of up to 90 mm in calibre.

Otokar’s Akrep IIe technology demonstrator, shown for the first time at IDEF 2019. (Otokar)

Otokar’s Akrep IIe technology demonstrator, shown for the first time at IDEF 2019. (Otokar)

The range of the Akrep IIe would depend on its mission, but the company said that on a typical reconnaissance mission, involving reconnaissance with the onboard systems and a few engagements, the Akrep IIe could achieve a round-trip range of 200 km.

The modular Akrep II has 4×4 drive with powered steering on the front wheels but with the option of additional steering on the rear wheels, which can be very useful when operating in a confined space, such as during urban operations.

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