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EOS Defence to commence T2000 turret firing trials in fourth quarter 2019

EOS Defence Systems of Australia is set to conduct initial live-fire trials of its prototype T2000 modular medium calibre turret in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Launched in February 2019, the T2000 is a co-development with Elbit Systems that combines the structure and electric drive hardware of the Elbit MT30 MK2 30 mm unmanned weapon station with the fire control system (FCS), sensors, and user interface from the EOS Remote Weapon Station (RWS) range.

“Elbit Systems has been using EOS weapon stations since 2013 to demonstrate its weapon-integrated Battle Management System [WinBMS] product in Australia, and so the integration of the EOS FCS and sensors with Elbit Battle Management hardware and software solutions was completed some time ago,” Grant Sanderson, CEO of EOS Defence Systems, told Jane’s .

Designed to be integrated onto any tracked or wheeled fighting vehicle chassis, the T2000’s modular architecture enables it to be changed to meet customer requirements for weapon and anti-armour missile loads, protection levels, and specialist capabilities, including active protection and other advanced technology payloads.

Baseline T2000 lethality options include a 25 mm to 50 mm main gun (Bushmaster M242 25 mm, Bushmaster Mk44 30/40 mm, Rheinmetall Mk-30/2 ABM 30 mm, Bushmaster Mk3 35/50 mm); up to two 7.62 mm co-axial machine guns (MAG 58 7.62 mm or Bushmaster Mk 52 7.62 mm Chain Gun); an integrated, shock-isolated pop-up launcher to accommodate either two Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Spike LR2 or two Raytheon Missile Systems FGM-148 anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs); and an EOS R400S Mk2 HD RWS with armament options including a 7.62 mm MG, a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher or M230LF 30 mm lightweight cannon. EOS is also proposing its R150 (5.56–12.7 mm MG) as an alternative RWS option.

EOS Defence Systems of Australia is set to conduct initial live fire trials of the prototype T2000 modular medium calibre turret in late 2019. (EOS Defence)

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