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DSEI 2019: FFG offers Boxer armoured recovery mission module

Germany’s Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft (FFG) has presented an armoured recovery mission module (ARM) for the Boxer at the 2019 Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEI 2019) in London. The kit is designed to be fitted to a Boxer drive module and provide operators with an organic recovery capability.

Christoph Jehn, FFG’s project manager, told Jane’s the ARM was developed as a private venture from 2017. The company noticed Boxer users struggling to recover stranded vehicles with the aid of other Boxers, Jehn added, and so decided to develop the bespoke mission module for the purpose.

The ARM is built from welded armoured steel and has an approximate weight of 13 tonnes; it is manned by two personnel and connects to the Boxer using standard mechanical interfaces. It requires a 24V connection that is used to charge the ARM’s lithium ion batteries.

The recovery module developed by FFG for the Boxer. (FFG)

The recovery module developed by FFG for the Boxer. (FFG)

“The strength of the module is in the way that power is delivered to the crane and other mission critical systems,” explained Jehn. It is technically possible for the ARM to operate away from a drive module or with the vehicle’s main engine switched off, he added.

The recovery equipment includes a Capstan winch that is provided with a lightweight Kevlar cable, which means that just one crew member can operate the winch, according to Jehn. The cable is 60 m long and has a traction power of 0 – 200 kN, or 20 tonnes.

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