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USAF, Space Force to draft joint requirements for space-based intelligence

A Space-Based Space Surveillance (SBSS) satellite launched into orbit aboard a Minotaur IV rocket from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California. The SBSS is designed to track orbiting objects in geostationary and low Earth orbit, providing space situational awareness to the US armed forces and commercial space users. (US Air Force)

Senior leaders from the US Air Force (USAF), US Space Force (USSF), and intelligence community (IC) are working to develop joint operational and programme requirements for future, space-based intelligence systems and platforms, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall told Janes .

USSF General David Thompson, vice chief of Space Operations, is spearheading the co-ordination effort, with Kendall and NRO Director Christopher Scolese working closely to support the space force-led effort, Kendall said in a 25 January interview.

“We are going to be working closely with the [intelligence community] on this, and we are going [to] be talking to the other services, and we are going to try to take a leadership role to make sure joint operational requirements for support from space are fine, and that we're moving down the path to satisfy [requirements] for all the services,” he said.

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