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US naval leaders plan to stress live and virtual global forces with the ‘Large Scale Exercise 2023'

During ‘Large Scale Exercise 2021', Marine KC-130J loadmaster deployed a Navy Marine Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System launcher. The US Navy and the US Marine Corps forces expect to conduct similar and expanded operations for ‘Large Scale Exercise 2023'. (US Marine Corps)

Leaders from the US Navy (USN) and the US Marine Corps (USMC) said they expect this year's ‘Large Scale Exercise (LSE) 2023', which takes place from 9 to 18 August, to push the US naval forces and command to the limit around the globe.

“We've not done anything like this on a global scale,” USN Captain Christopher Narducci, lead planner for LSE 2023, said on 24 July during a media roundtable about the exercise at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia.

Noting that the US conducted the first LSE in 2021, Admiral Daryl Caudle, commander of US Fleet Forces Command, said during the roundtable that while the LSE 2023 was going to expand geographic parameters, the exercise this year would “narrow” the focus.

LSE 2023 will work towards developing relationships and the integration of fleet commanders and combatant commanders in decisions involving the sharing and deployment of overall resources in real-world global scenarios involving peer competitors, Adm Caudle said.

The LSE will also involve high-command elements as well, he pointed out.

The exercise will include participation and input from a significant team of retired US naval leaders and inputs from the US defence secretary and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Again, the idea is to test, stretch, and stress the chain of command during a scenario of global tension.

“It's all about command-and-control (C2),” USMC Lieutenant General Brian Cavanaugh, commanding general, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic; commander, Marine Forces Command; and commander, Marine Forces Northern Command, said during the roundtable.

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