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Update: China-Russia joint air patrol improves air-sea co-ordination

The joint China-Russia strategic air patrol on 14 December involved a core of four bombers and 13 other Chinese-Russian aircraft, which joined the flight at various times and places. A Chinese naval destroyer operating in the area was also likely involved in the drill. A bilateral US-Japan air exercise was also conducted over the Sea of Japan (East Sea) at the same time. (Japan Ministry of Defense/US Pacific Air Forces/South Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff/Janes)

Chinese and Russian military forces have conducted their second joint strategic air patrol of 2023 in an effort to improve their air and naval force co-operation.

The joint air patrol, which was conducted on 14 December, comprised a nucleus of two Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) XAC H-6K and two Russian Federation Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers. An estimated 13 other Russian and Chinese combat aircraft participated in the patrol at various stages, according to the Japan Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Several of the Russian-Chinese aircraft appeared to have also co-ordinated with a Type 055 destroyer of the PLA Navy (PLAN) operating in the Sea of Japan (East Sea). Chinese state-owned media described the joint air operation as a possible “sea-air integration operation”.

According to the Japan MoD, the Type 055 destroyer passed northwards into the Sea of Japan (East Sea) through the Tsushima Strait between 11 and 12 December.

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