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UAE-based Thuraya launches new tactical radio solution

Displayed at IDEX 2023, Thuraya's T-TAC convertor enables tactical radios to utilise satellite communications. The system can also notify the user if it detects any compromised units on the battlefield. (Janes/Olivia Savage)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based company Thuraya has unveiled a new tactical radio satellite communications (satcom) solution developed in co-operation with Cobham.

Launched by the company on 16 March, the system, known as the tactical radio extender over satellite solution (T-TAC), allows tactical radios to utilise satcom for beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communications.

It achieves this by employing a ‘Generic Converter Unit' that enables operators to speak over tactical radio and press-to-talk (PTT) devices via satellite, the announcement said.

The CEO of Thuraya, Sulaiman Al Ali, informed Janes at IDEX 2023 in February that T-TAC is designed to convert conventional radios used by the government and military, which generally operate in ultra-high frequency and very high frequency, to L-band. It “will not replace these bands”, he continued, instead, the convertor will add additional capability to existing radios by facilitating the connection to Thuraya's network and L-band satellites, thereby enabling BLOS communications.

Deliveries of the system are expected to begin in 2023. He was unable to comment on which customer this was related to.

T-TAC will connect with the company's satellites Thuraya-2 and Thuraya-3 as well as Thuraya-4, which is expected to be launched in 2024.

The solution is suitable for communications-on-the-move and is available in four different configurations: T-TAC Manpack, T-TAC Aeronautical, T-TAC Marine, and T-TAC Vehicular, each adapted for different use-case scenarios, the company said.

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