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tkMS prepares to deliver Singapore's first-of-class Type 218SG submarine

Second-of-class Type 218SG submarine, Impeccable , sailing into RSS Singapura – Changi Naval Base in July 2023. First-of-class Invincible is now being prepared for delivery to Singapore. (Singapore Ministry of Defence)

German shipbuilder thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS) has prepared the first-of-class Type 218SG diesel-electric submarine (SSK) for delivery to the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN).

Janes understands that the vessel, which will be in service as RSS Invincible once it is commissioned, has completed its stint as a training and familiarisation boat for RSN submariners.

It will soon be on the way towards Singapore and is presently slated to be commissioned in the later part of 2024.

Invincible is one of four Type 218SG SSKs ordered under two separate contracts signed between tkMS and Singapore's Ministry of Defence in 2013 and 2017 respectively.

It was launched in February 2019 but has remained in Germany since for submariner training purposes.

Second-of-class Impeccable was launched in December 2022 with the third-of-class, Illustrious . The final boat in the programme, Inimitable , took to the water in April 2024.

Impeccable was the first vessel to be delivered to the RSN. It arrived at Singapore's Changi Naval Base in July 2023 and began sea trials in local waters during the same month.

For its journey to Singapore, Impeccable was transported on the heavy lift transport ship, MV Rolldock Storm .

The Invincible class has an overall length of 70 m and a pressure hull diameter of 6.3 m. It displaces 2,200 tonnes when submerged and 2,000 tonnes when surfaced.

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