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Swedish FMV receives first series standard Gripen E for testing

The first production series Saab JAS 39 Gripen E, aircraft 6002, was handed over to the FMV for testing on 6 October ahead of the commencement of deliveries to the Swedish Air Force from 2025. (Saab )

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has received from Saab the first series production standard JAS 39 Gripen E combat aircraft for operational testing.

The FMV announced the development on 19 October, saying delivery of the single-seat aircraft had been handed over some days earlier on 6 October. Aircraft 6002 joins two prototype Gripen Es that were delivered to the FMV for testing ahead of the commencement of deliveries to the Swedish Air Force (SwAF).

“So far, three aircraft have been delivered to the state, they are used in testing activities. From 2025 onwards, the plan is for FMV to deliver the [Gripen] E to the air force,” Lars Heimrich, head of FMV's Aerospace Materiel department was quoted as saying.

The handover of aircraft 6002 to the FMV came four years after it first flew in December 2019. The aircraft's splinter tri-tone grey camouflage pattern is reminiscent of Sweden's green and brown scheme from the Cold War, although at this time this is more of a marketing scheme employed by Saab rather than an operational scheme to be fielded by the SwAF.

Sweden is scheduled receive 60 Gripen Es, while Brazil, the only international customer to date, has ordered an initial batch of 28 Gripen Es and eight twin-seat Gripen Fs. Both countries have left the option for further procurements open. The production line at Linköping, Sweden, is geared to turn out 24 aircraft per year, with a sub-assembly plant at São Bernardo do Campo in Brazil.

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