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Romanian Navy to receive ASuW-capable H215M helicopters

Seen in Spanish service, the H215 will soon be fielded by Romania also with the anticipated procurement of two helicopters by the country's navy. (Airbus Helicopters)

The Romanian Navy is to receive a pair of Airbus H215M helicopters equipped for anti-surface vessel warfare (ASuW), the manufacturer confirmed to Janes on 30 January.

The anticipated procurement was revealed in a European Union (EU) notification posted on 19 January, which said that the two helicopters would be acquired by Industria Aeronautică Romană (IAR) as the prime contractor for an estimated RON823.9 million (USD179.07 million).

“We can confirm that our partner IAR has signed a contract with the Romanian Navy for the H215M, but we have not signed the contract yet on our side with IAR. Negotiations are ongoing,” Airbus Helicopters told Janes.

Airbus did not disclose details of the ASuW weapon system to be carried by the H215Ms, while neither Airbus nor the EU notification disclosed a proposed delivery timeline for the helicopters.

Confirmation of the sale came about 15 months after the Romanian Ministry of National Defence (MND) requested the country's parliament to approve the procurement in October 2022. Romania had previously said it would acquire the military-variant H215M, though this deal was never finalised.

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