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RoKAF's airlift acquisition to draw diverse capabilities

Embraer's C-390 transport aircraft is potentially the only twin-engined aircraft that is slated to participate in South Korea's ‘Large Transporter Secondary Project' . The company highlighted the type's mobility, cargo capacity, and rapid reconfiguration capabilities. (Embraer)

Aircraft manufacturers expected to bid for South Korea's ‘Large Transporter Secondary Project' (LTAP-2) are slated to offer a range of capabilities for the programme.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced the project on 25 March. The agency said that it expects three aircraft types to participate in the project: the Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 Hercules, the Airbus A400M Atlas, and the Embraer C-390 Millenium.

In a statement to Janes , Airbus said it is aware of the South Korean government's recent communications on approval for large transport aircraft for the Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF). The company said it is “keen to actively contribute” to the programme.

Airbus added that the airlifter will help bolster Korea's strategic military capabilities through its “combination of strategic lift, tactical delivery, and front-line refuelling to fulfil diverse operational requirements”.

The new-generation A400M has contributed to missions around the world, including the Kabul airlift and the Covid-19 pandemic relief operations, according to the company.

“We look forward to studying the RFP [request for proposal] to see how Airbus can answer with a solution that fulfils RoKAF's operational requirements,” Airbus said.

According to DAPA, the project is intended to enhance the RoKAF's ability to transport personnel and supplies. The RoKAF has a requirement for between four and six new transport aircraft, as per Janes Markets Forecast.

Embraer said that its twin-engine C-390 Millennium delivers in the areas of mobility and cargo capacity, rapid reconfiguration, high availability, improved comfort, and flight safety.

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