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Rheinmetall Mission Master qualified to fire Thales laser-guided rockets

Rheinmetall's Mission Master SP A-UGV has been qualified to fire FZ275 LGR 70 mm laser-guided rockets from Thales Belgium. (Rheinmetall)

The recent qualification of the Rheinmetall Mission Master SP (Silent Partner) autonomous unmanned ground vehicle (A-UGV) to fire the Thales Belgium FZ275 70 mm laser-guided rocket (LGR) has increased the system's precision compared to previously qualified unguided rockets of the same calibre. The qualification followed a live-fire demonstration at the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration's (FMV's) Trängslet range near Älvdalen.

The company said the Mission Master SP – Fire Support, armed with two seven-tube 70 mm rocket launchers mounted on a Fieldranger Multi weapon station, fired at a 4×4 vehicle 4 km away.

The demonstration was attended by delegations from Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Poland.

It was conducted using a secure, customised, remote-controlled tablet operating in a fully digitised scenario, with fire control using Rheinmetall command-and-control software and a human in the loop.

The FZ275 LGR is the lightest 70 mm LGR in its class and has hitherto only been launched by aircraft. It can engage stationary and mobile targets at ranges of up to 7 km with minimal collateral damage, according to Rheinmetall.

The company said the air-launched version could be integrated into other platforms, including armoured vehicles.

Rheinmetall's vice-president, business development, innovation and robotics, Alain Tremblay, told Janes

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