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Philippine Army procures additional land systems from Elbit

The Philippine Army has confirmed the order of 20 Sabrah ASCOD II light tanks (pictured) from Elbit Systems. (Elbit Systems)

The Philippine Army (PA) has confirmed the procurement of more military equipment from Israel's Elbit Systems.

The PA's official spokesperson Colonel Xerxes Trinidad told Janes on 10 January that the service took delivery of 12 ATMOS 155 mm/52 calibre self-propelled gun systems in late December from Elbit Systems.

He also disclosed that the service has ordered from Elbit Sabrah ASCOD II light tanks and Sabrah Pandur II direct-fire support vehicles.

On 11 January Col Trinidad also told the state-run Philippine News Agency that the PA has also received 15 M125A2 armored mortar carriers equipped with 120 mm mounted mortar systems.

Speaking to Janes, Col Trinidad said the ATMOS guns are scheduled for review by the PA's Technical Inspection Acceptance Committee this month before formal acceptance into service.

The guns will be operated by the PA's Army Artillery Regiment and will augment existing capability, including Elbit's 155 mm M-71 towed gun, 12 of which were delivered to the PA and Philippine Marine Corps in 2017.

The ATMOS can fire NATO-standard munitions, and has a maximum range of 41 km using the extended-range full-bore base-bleed projectile. The gun, which is operated by a crew of four, can carry a minimum of 18 155 mm projectiles with a claimed firing rate of four to nine rounds per minute.

The PA's planned procurement of the ATMOS gun was initially announced in April 2020 at a cost of PHP2.4 billion (USD46 million).

Col Trinidad also confirmed that the PA is scheduled to take delivery of 20 tracked Sabrah ASCOD II light tanks in 2022 and 10 wheeled Sabrah Pandur II vehicles in 2023.

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