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Pentagon, Joint Staff drafting CJADC2 campaign plan

USAF Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) specialists conduct reconnaissance training in August 2021 in preparation for JADC2 and precision deep strike (RaPDS) capabilities. (US Air Force)

US Department of Defense (DoD) officials are conducting a series of analyses, geared towards developing a new campaign plan for the Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) capability, which when complete will update the department's current CJADC2 implementation plan.

“When you look at the [CJADC2] implementation plan ... it is saying the entirety of what DoD needs to do, in order to effectively modernise the force, [our] data, and systems. It is everything,” according to US Navy Rear Admiral Susan BryerJoyner, director of the CJADC2 Cross-Functional Team (CFT).

“We are in the process of conducting analysis, through the lens of a campaign plan, focused on key operational problems” identified through the Pentagon's Joint Warfighting Concept (JWC), she said during a July briefing at the annual JADC2 and All Domain Warfare Symposium in Alexandria, Virginia.

Members of the CJADC2 CFT identified several operational problems outlined in the JWC to serve as the “first focus” of the upcoming campaign plan, according to Rear Adm BryerJoyner, who also serves as the deputy director for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer/Cyber Systems, J6, on the Joint Staff.

Joint Staff leadership signed off on these first focus issues tagged for analysis by the CJADC2 CFT, which will serve as the basis for the campaign plan. CFT leaders sought Joint Staff approval of the first focus plan “because [we] wanted to make sure we were getting the framework right” before proceeding, Rear Adm BryerJoyner said.

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