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Norway receives Mission Master XT UGV from Rheinmetall

Norway has received a Mission Master XT UGV from Rheinmetall. (Rheinmetall)

Norway received a Mission Master XT (Extreme Terrain) 4×4 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) from Rheinmetall at the beginning of August, the German company announced in a press release on 1 September. The contract for the UGV was awarded by the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.

Etienne Rancourt, business development manager, European market, at Rheinmetall Canada, confirmed to Janes on LinkedIn on 1 September that Norway is the first Mission Master XT customer, attributing the contract award to the UGV's “mobility and Arctic weather features”. Rheinmetall said the Mission Master XT demonstrated its sub-zero capabilities during Arctic mobility trials in Finland in March, navigating icy rivers and climbing slippery banks in -30°C temperatures.

Norway plans to experiment and trial with the Mission Master XT in a logistics role, Rancourt told Janes at the Unmanned Ground Systems Autonomy Trials held in Läsna, Estonia, on 28–29 June, in which the Mission Master SP (Silent Partner) 8×8 UGV participated. The Norwegian military could also integrate payloads like intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) on the Mission Master XT and procure additional vehicles in the future, he added.

The Mission Master XT has larger wheels than the electric Mission Master SP UGV, and “thrives in extreme terrain”, Rheinmetall said in the June 2021 press release presenting the Mission Master XT. “It easily tackles ice, snow, and sub-zero weather conditions, as well as sandy, rocky, and mountainous topography. Its advanced amphibious capabilities allow it to float and swim while maintaining its full payload capacity.”

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