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MSPO 2023: Boeing pitches F-15EX Eagle II to Poland

Now being received by the US Air Force (pictured), the F-15EX Eagle II is being pitched to Poland, as the country looks to plug an air superiority/dominance gap in its future combat aircraft inventory. (US Air Force)

Boeing is formally pitching its F-15EX Eagle II to Poland, saying the air dominance fighter offers the country “unmatched” capabilities.

Announcing its offer at the MSPO 2023 defence exhibition in Kielce, Boeing said on 7 September that a potential US Department of Defense (DoD) Foreign Military Sales (FMS) buy would be extended to the country for “superior interoperability, supportability and affordability, along with a robust industry plan that would support Poland's goal of developing independent defence capabilities”.

Boeing's offer to Poland was made in the midst of a Polish Ministry of National Defense (MND) effort to improve Polish Air Force (Inspektorat Sił Powietrznych: ISP) capabilities at very short notice. After acquiring 48 Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) FA-50 Fighting Eagle aircraft in 2022 to supplement the 48 in-service Lockheed Martin F-16 C/D Block 52+ and the 32 soon-to-be delivered Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II aircraft, a high-performance twin-engine multirole aircraft such as the Eagle II has been touted as an option for the country.

“Through enhanced interoperability with US and NATO forces, capacity for technology growth, and a 20,000+ hours economic operational airframe life, Poland can expect the F-15EX to win in existing and future threat environments,” Rob Novotny, director, business development for Boeing's F-15 programme, was quoted as saying.

Besides Boeing, the Eurofighter consortium has said it is offering its Typhoon to Poland, describing the jet as “the perfect fit” for the country.

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