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Indra to design mission system for next-generation armoured vehicles

Indra announced on 16 February that it has been chosen to design the mission system for the next-generation of European armoured vehicles, under the FAMOUS (European Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armoured Systems) programme.

A consortium of 19 defence companies, led by Patria, was selected by the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) in July 2021 to upgrade and develop next-generation armoured platforms, including those able to operate in extreme climates and geographical environments. Valued at EUR9 million (USD10 million), the project will focus on the future all-terrain vehicle, light armoured vehicle, and main battle tank, and will span a 24 month period.

According to the announcement, Indra is leading the project to develop the armoured vehicles' mission system along with Nexter, Cybernetica, Savox, and LMT.

The system will be “the ‘on-board brain' that will provide situational awareness and the ability to interoperate in real time with other platforms and soldiers deployed in the field. The vehicles will operate in a network, forming a true system of systems with a continuous data exchange with other platforms”, Indra noted.

The system will use artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality to visualise tactical information, displaying data on the movements of its units and the adversary's position, the company stated. It will also enable vehicles to move in tandem with unmanned vehicles.

The Indra-led team will ensure the integration of all electronic defence, survival, communications and sensor technology in the platforms, the company said.

All subsystems designed for the FAMOUS programme ─ including the mission system ─ will incorporate an open architecture framework, enabling the technology to be retrofitted into a variety of old and future vehicles.

Indra's mission system has also been integrated on the Spanish Army's 8×8 Dragon vehicles.

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