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Indian Army dissolves old units to develop new integrated formations

An Indian Army soldier paraded at the Army Day ceremony on 15 January 2023 in Bangalore. General Manoj Pande, India's chief of the Army staff, said at the event that old establishments and units of the Indian Army are being dissolved to create new integrated battle groups. (Janes/Kapil Kajal)

The Indian Army has dissolved old establishments and units to transform the force into lean, agile, offensive, and tailor-made new combat units known as Integrated Battle Groups (IBGs).

At the Army Day ceremony attended by Janes on 15 January in Bangalore, India's Chief of the Army Staff, General Manoj Pande said that the Indian Army is undergoing a massive transformation to enhance operational preparation.

In an effort of “force structuring and optimisation, we are converting our forces into IBGs, which will contribute effectively to modern warfare. Old establishments and units are being dissolved, or are being revamped with suitable changes,” Gen Pande said.

Gen Pande added that the IBG concept is implemented to achieve an effective teeth-to-tail ratio. “With the help of modernisation and technology infusion, the strength of the old units will be downsized for better human resource or manpower management,” he said.

The Indian Army seeks to transform from a manpower-intensive force to a technologically driven army. “Continuous efforts are being made to transform the Indian Army into a modern, self-reliant, technologically driven, and battle-worthy force,” Gen Pande added.

“In the direction to make our processes and systems effective and efficient, we are ending or changing some traditional practices which have lost their relevance in modern warfare. We are focussing on infrastructure development and rapid deployment capabilities to achieve operational preparedness,” Gen Pande said.

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