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India outlines 155 mm/52 calibre towed gun programme

India's state-run Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited unveiled the Dhanush 155 mm/52 calibre towed howitzer (pictured above) at Defexpo 2022, held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. This is one of the gun options available to the Indian Army. (Janes/Kapil Kajal)

The Indian Army has outlined detailed requirements supporting its acquisition of 155 mm/52 calibre towed gun systems.

In a request for information (RFI) document issued by the army, the service confirmed that the guns would be procured from local industry.

The RFI said that the Indian Army seeks to equip its regiments employed in plains, mountains, and deserts with guns for the execution of artillery tasks. The weight of the guns should be less than 15 tons.

The systems should fire all in-service ammunition and should have the capability to operate on existing roads and track networks at India's northern and western borders, the RFI added.

The guns must be equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) and inertial navigation-based sight system with the capability to orient and fix the location of the system. The fire-control system (FCS) should also provide an optical sight for indirect firing day and night.

An Indian Army official told Janes that the gun is required to provide direct fire support to the artillery units at the northern and eastern borders with China and the western border with Pakistan.

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