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ILA 2022: German decision on current Tiger Mk III contract needed ‘by end of summer'

A German Army Tiger attack helicopter seen at ILA 2022 in Berlin. The country‘s Ministry of Defence has until ‘the end of the summer‘ to decide on its participation in the Mk III upgrade if it is to join the project under the current agreed terms. (Janes/Gareth Jennings)

Germany has until the end of the third quarter (Q3) of 2022 to join the Tiger Mk III attack helicopter upgrade programme under the current contract conditions, Airbus said ahead of the ILA Berlin Air Show running from 22 to 26 June.

Speaking to Janes and other defence media at Airbus Helicopters‘ Marignane facility in southern France, the head of the Tiger programme, Victor Gerin-Roze, said that, while the door remains open for Germany to join the Tiger Mk III upgrade at a later date under revised contract terms, the country needs to make a decision shortly if it is to benefit from the previously agreed industrial construct.

“For Germany there is no cut-off date, and the door will remain open. They will have until the end of the summer to join under the same set of conditions. We are completely developing this aircraft for the nations, so we will adapt [the contract] if they join later, and we will make all of the necessary efforts to welcome them,” Gerin-Roze said.

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