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IDF sets up intelligence ‘back office' for ground units

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have recently set up a new centre tasked with analysing and allocating real-time intelligence for front-line units, an Israeli officer stated on 17 November.

Major A (full name withheld), deputy intelligence officer for the 36th Armored Division, said the new centre is based in central Israel and described it as a “back office for the whole manoeuvring effort”.

The centre was activated in November during an exercise by the 36th Armored Division that simulated combat against the Lebanese group Hizbullah and emphasised precise targeting and avoiding collateral damage, according to Maj A.

“This is about intelligence that flows in real time and how we deal with challenging dynamic situations,” he said. “There have been advancements in intelligence and now everyone can collect intelligence on everything. There is more than enough for everyone. The main thing now is what questions we ask, are we asking the right questions to get the right answers?”

Working alongside the forward-deployed divisional headquarters, the new intelligence centre is staffed by personnel from various disciplines who are tasked with analysing the intelligence being gathered and condensing it for field units so they are not overwhelmed with information. “The intelligence will reach the end user after being reduced to allow the company commander to see just what they need,” Maj A said.

To do this, personnel will use big data analysis tools and fuse different types of intelligence together. The end product will be transmitted back to units using the IDF's Torch 750 battle management system, which allows commanders to receive information using tablets and smartphones hooked up to software-defined radio networks.

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