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Germany stands up first homeland defence regiment

Germany stood up Heimatschutzregiment 1, its first territorial defence regiment, on 30 April, to the musical accompaniment of the mountain troops‘ music corps. (Bundeswehr/Thomas Sauer)

Germany stood up its first Heimatschutzregiment (homeland defence regiment) on 30 April, the Steitkräftebasis, the Bundeswehr‘s support command, announced the same day. The Bundeswehr said on its website that Landesregiment Bayern (Bavarian state regiment) was renamed Heimatschutzregiment 1 and its seven companies were placed under the latter‘s command, along with a headquarters and logistics company, with special infantry, reconnaissance, and engineering capabilities.

With 700 reservists, the regiment is the first of five of its type, and represents a new organisation of the country‘s territorial reserve, according to the Bundeswehr. German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said at the regiment‘s stand-up ceremony, ”National territorial defence and homeland defence are the key elements of alliance defence. A strong reserve guarantees that the Bundeswehr is there ... when it is needed”, anchoring itself in society. ”With the homeland defence regiments and their companies, we are strengthening our country‘s resilience against crises and disasters,” she said.

Homeland defence regiments will support active units in the protection of critical infrastructure, host nation support of allied forces, and disaster relief.

Germany plans to stand up four more homeland defence regiments in Berlin, Hesse, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, and North Rhine-Westphalia by 2027.

Germany disbanded its territorial reserves after the end of the Cold War, followed by its homeland defence battalions in 2006 and 2007. Five years later it was decided to stand up regional security and support companies, which are now designated as homeland defence companies.

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