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French Navy EDA-S landing craft successfully conclude end-user evaluations

CNIM is building 14 EDA-S landing craft for the French Navy to replace the service's 12 CTM landing craft and overseas-based logistics barges. (CNIM)

The French Navy has successfully completed the contractual qualification and verification tests of its first two new EDA-S (engin de débarquement amphibie standard) landing craft, L'Arbalète and l'Arquebuse .

CNIM is building 14 EDA-S landing craft for the French Navy under a EUR65 million (USD73.8 million) contract awarded in January 2019 to replace the service's ageing fleet of 12 CTM (Chaland de Transport de Matériel) landing craft and its overseas-based logistics barges. Under current planning, deliveries will take place between 2021 and 2025. Apart from the prime contract, CNIM is also responsible for the EDA-S design.

The EDA-S is designed to conduct amphibious operations in very shallow water (less that 1 m deep). It has an overall length of 28.5 m, a beam of 6.5 m, and a stern ramp with roll-on/roll-off capability. Each vessel is powered by two Scania Di16 engines developing 1,600 hp to provide a maximum speed of 16 kt unloaded and 11 kt with a load of 65 tonnes and a range of 300 n miles up to sea state 4.

The well deck area in the stern of the Mistral class will be able to accommodate up to four EDA-S craft, or two EDA-Ss and a single EDA-R.

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