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Eurosatory 2024: Renk Group launches ATREX hybrid-electric tank transmission

The ATREX hybrid transmission system is intended for use on MBTs, although the system can be scaled to meet individual platform and customer requirements. (Janes/Sonny Butterworth)

Renk Group unveiled its Advanced Transmission Electric Cross Drive with Drive-by-Wire (ATREX) at the Eurosatory 2024 defence exhibition held from 17 to 21 June in Paris.

Designed for use in tracked main battle tanks (MBTs), ATREX is a parallel hybrid electromechanical transmission that supports electric propulsion and power generation. It was developed independently by Renk Group in anticipation of future requirements for hybrid-electric drivetrains.

The system was displayed as a standalone unit and as part of a notional Next Generation Mobility System concept. The latter showed how ATREX could be integrated into an MBT hybrid-electric drivetrain containing an internal combustion engine and a battery pack, and also how it could interact with other mobility systems marketed by Renk Group, including its InArm suspension, active damping, and ride height control technology.

ATREX consists of a conventional mechanical transmission with the hydrostatic steering system replaced by two electric motors. One of these motors is used to provide continuous steering and the other for power generation and electrical propulsion. ATREX also enables energy from braking, that would otherwise be dissipated, to be recuperated to recharge the batteries.

In the configuration displayed at Eurosatory, the ATREX is able to provide a combined output of at least 1,400 kW, of which at least 350 kW comes from the electric motors. However, the system is designed to be scalable so that it can be adjusted to specific platform and customer requirements.

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