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EOS to provide RWS spares to South East Asian military

EOS has secured a contract to supply spares of its R600S remote weapon system (pictured) to a South East Asian military. (Electro Optic Systems)

Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has secured a contract worth AUD28 million (USD18.2 million) to supply spares of its R600S remote weapon system (RWS) to a South East Asian military, a spokesperson for the company told Janes on 15 November.

Under this contract, EOS will provide “gimbals and sensor units” for the R600S to the customer, the spokesperson said.

“The R600S is mainly used for ground-to-ground combat against a range of targets. The actual targets depend on the weapon configuration adopted by the customer, which is not controlled by EOS,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson declined to comment on the kind of platforms on which the South East Asian customer has integrated the R600S systems. “We don't disclose specifics of customer vehicles, but it is a range of vehicles operated by the customer,” the spokesperson said.

EOS said on 13 November that deliveries under the contract are scheduled to commence in late 2024 and continue until 2026.

According to EOS, the R600S can house two weapons, with personnel being able to operate twin automatic weapon configurations and a single canon up to 30 mm from the R600S. The ballistic solution takes into account weapons, ammunition, range, atmospheric environment, vehicle attitude, and target motion boosting the likelihood of a first round hit, the company said.

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