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DX Korea 2022: SNT Dynamics unveils light-vehicle mortar system

SNT Dynamics has integrated its KM120 mortar system with a 4×4 vehicle made by Kia Motors for the Republic of Korea Army. (Janes/Jon Grevatt)

South Korea's SNT Dynamics has integrated its KM120 120 mm mortar system with a 4×4 light tactical vehicle (LTV) built by Kia Motors for a requirement in the Republic of Korea Army (RoKA).

The company showcased the new LTV mortar capability for the first time at the DX Korea 2022 event being held in Goyang from 21 to 25 September. SNT Dynamics has not yet officially named the product.

“This capability has a crew of just three – a driver, a mortar loader, and a fire-control operator. The RoK Army wants a light and mobile mortar system that can be deployed by helicopter quickly and easily,” said an official from SNT Dynamics.

He said the RoKA has a potential requirement for about 200 mortar vehicles, although the programme has not yet been framed by a tender.

In addition to sales to the RoKA, the company said customers in the Middle East have expressed interest in procuring the system.

The maximum rate of fire of the semi-automatic KM120 mortar system, which weights 1,400 kg, is 10 rounds per minute over three minutes. It has a range of 13 km and can traverse a full 360°, with elevation up to 70°.

It is fitted with an embedded fire-control system and Global Positioning System (GPS). The types of ammunition fired include high explosive (HE), rocket-assisted projectile (RAP), white phosphorus (WP), illuminating mortar bomb (ILL), and training projectiles.

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