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Dubai Airshow 2021: Edge expands Al-Tariq guidance kit capabilities

The Al-Tariq range of bomb guidance kits on display at the show Dubai Airshow, with the new variant for MK 83 bombs seen at the top between a Mk 82 variant with fold-out wings on the left and a Mk 83 variant without the wing on the right. (Janes / Akshara Parakala)

The Al-Tariq bomb guidance kit can now be used with 1,000 lb MK 83 warheads, the Emirati defence group Edge announced during the Dubai Airshow held from 14–18 November.

The Al-Tariq was previously integrated with the 250 lb MK 81 and 500 lb MK 82 bombs, giving them a standoff range of up to 40 km with the standard kit and 120 km with the long-range Al-Tariq-LR version that has fold-out wings.

Edge said the Al-Tariq-LR's ability to carry the MK 83 had been demonstrated in “ongoing successful trials”.

“The successful trials are extremely encouraging and we look forward to this new version's operational qualification and field use in due course,” Theunis Botha, the CEO of Edge's Al-Tariq division, said.

Botha told Janes that the MK 83 variant has an accuracy of less than 10 m circular error probable (CEP) with the standard GNSS guidance system, which drops to less than 3 m CEP when using the optional semi-active laser or imaging infrared seekers. The latter uses automatic target recognition software.

Botha also said that the Block II upgrade of the Al-Tariq is now in full-scale production, with the company capable of producing 2,000 units a year.

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