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Costa Rica receives new NCPV to bolster maritime security

Near Coastal Patrol Vessels are based on Damen Shipyards' Stan Patrol 2606 design, which is tailored by Metal Shark to suit the requirements of the Latin American navies. (Costa Rica Ministry of Public Security)

Shipbuilder Metal Shark recently delivered an 85 ft (25.9 m) welded aluminium Near Coastal Patrol Vessel (NCPV) to the Costa Rica Coast Guard, the Ministry of Public Security confirmed.

The new vessel was acquired for USD5.5 million under a regional programme funded by the US Department of State and US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) to enhance maritime security and counter-drug missions in the Caribbean and Central America.

The programme, which has a value of USD54 million, calls for Metal Shark to build up to 13 Defiant-class aluminium vessels, which will be provided to US partner countries throughout the region. To date, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama have each received a single NCPV.

Additionally, Metal Shark will supply electro-optic infrared sensors, diagnostic equipment, in-country reactivation, crew familiarisation, and test support to NCPV operators.

The new patrol craft was built at Metal Shark's shipyard in Franklin, Louisiana. It was officially incorporated into the Costa Rica Coast Guard on 21 February at the Puntarenas Coast Guard Station.

The new vessels are based on Damen Shipyards' Stan Patrol 2606 design, tailored by Metal Shark to meet NCPV-mission requirements. The vessel can conduct different missions, including search-and-rescue, border patrol, police, customs duties, and counter-narcotics operations.

Powered by twin 1,600 hp Caterpillar C-32 marine diesel engines turning fixed-pitch Michigan Wheel propellers through Twin Disc MGX-6599 transmissions, the NCPV has been designed for missions of up to six days at sea in nearshore ocean conditions, supporting an operating crew of 10.

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