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‘Cold Response 2022' links USMC amphibious warfare expertise with Norwegian Arctic knowledge

Joint Arctic training is becoming increasingly important for US and NATO partners, who are looking to better integrate their forces. (Janes / Mike Fabey)

The US Marine Corps (USMC) and Norwegian military are using the ‘Cold Response 2022' exercise to integrate USMC amphibious capabilities with Norway's knowledge of Arctic operations, to hone a better NATO littoral force, according to officials.

“What the US Marine Corps brings is a cohesive unit that knows how to aggressively take objectives,” USMC Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Gordinier, commanding officer, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, told reporters after he led his marines and other NATO forces ashore at Sandstrand, Norway, on 21 March during the amphibious landing for ‘Cold Response 2022.'

Hosted by the Norwegian military, ‘Cold Response 2022' combines the forces of NATO allies and partner nations, with 27 nations, about 30,000 troops, 20 aircraft, and more than 50 vessels taking part.

Lt Col Gordinier noted, “inside the Arctic the environment is much different than in the US. In Norway, as soon as you land, you're right inside the mountains. It's unique for an amphibious action – you land on the ground and look right up at cliff space. You have to consider the tides, the waves – and all kinds of weather.”

The most challenging weather condition can be snow, which is something the Norwegians are particularly knowledgeable about. “We know about over-the-snow capability,” Major Mikal Klaeth, Norway's liaison officer for logistics support, told reporters. “We have tracked vehicles and we can integrate to move [USMC] infantry.”

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