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Belgium hosts trial to standardise C-UAS evaluation

A trial to standardise the assessment of C-UAS technologies was held in Belgium in October 2023. Pictured here are OpenWorks Vision Flex optical detection capability and the Iris system from Robin Radar. (Belgian Ministry of Defence/Gert-Jan D'Haene)

A trial to standardise the assessment of counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UASs) was held from 2 to 5 October at Lombardsijde barracks, Belgium.

Organised by the Belgium Royal Military Academy (KMS) and announced by the Belgian Ministry of Defence on 12 October, project Courageous aims to develop a standardised test for the reliable comparison of C-UASs and their ability to detect, track, and identify UASs.

The trial is important because “several companies currently claim that their detector sees 90% or 95% of drones, but there is no standardised testing method. So, these performance claims are worthless. That is why we want to create a standardised method, as it also exists for cars”, Geert De Cubber, head of the Robotics & Autonomous Systems unit at the KMS, said.

Various C-UASs were assessed at the trial to evaluate their capabilities to detect such aerial threats. A small DJI UAS was seen in a video of the trial, along with OpenWorks Vision Flex autonomous electro-optical detection and targeting capability and the Iris counter-drone radar from Robin Radar.

By September 2024 the Courageous project intends to release a standardised testing methodology.

Estonia, Greece, Luxembourg, and Spain participated in the trial, as well as various law enforcement officers, including the Belgian Federal Police.

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