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Admiralty Shipyards cuts steel for two more Lada-class SSKs

The second Lada-class SSK, Kronshtadt, pictured at its launch in September 2018. According to Admiralty Shipyards, the boat is gearing up for its second phase of sea trials. (Oleg Kuleshov)

Admiralty Shipyards has begun the manufacture of the fourth and fifth Project 677 Lada-class diesel-electric submarines (SSK) for the Russian Navy.

In a 14 February announcement, the shipbuilder said that steel cutting for both submarines was under way at its yard in St Petersburg.

The two boats are being built under a contract awarded to Admiralty Shipyards in June 2019. A sixth boat is planned under an additional contract awarded in August 2020.

Meanwhile, the shipyard said that progress is being made on Kronshtadt (B-586), the second boat under construction. Following its launch in September 2018, Kronshtadt is being prepared for its second phase of factory sea trials, Admiralty Shipyard added. During the first phase, it successfully conducted high-speed and manoeuvring tests.

Construction also continues on the third boat, Velikiy Luki (ex-Sevastopol : B-587), which was laid down in 2006.

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