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Systematic and Janes join forces to deliver critical insight to battlefield

Memorandum of understanding signed to deliver Janes intelligence to users of SitaWare Insight

Systematic and Janes are pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the DSEI 2023 trade show to work on the delivery of Janes open-source defence intelligence to users of the SitaWare suite of C4ISR technology. 

Under the MOU, Systematic will develop an application programming interface (API) to allow for the seamless integration of Janes data into its decision-support tool SitaWare Insight. The API will mean that subscribers to Janes Intara will be able to access Janes foundational military open-source intelligence (OSINT) from a single platform and incorporate known data into a variety of command post products, including opposition orders of battle, equipment data, and more.

“In an era of big data and rapid manoeuvre on the battlefield, information superiority is becoming a key facet of successful military operations. The linking of Janes OSINT with SitaWare Insight will allow commanders to have a greatly expanded pool of intelligence at their fingertips when they are making critical battlefield decisions,” said Henrik Sommer, Director Defence Operations at Systematic.

“Ensuring structured data can be easily delivered through an API will mean that there is a significant decrease in the latency in decision making, allowing users to gain the advantage of the observe-orient-decide-act (OODA) loop,” Sommer added.

“I am truly excited to work with Systematic. As the trusted global agency for open-source defence intelligence, our goal is to support our customers’ missions through the delivery of verified and validated intelligence in a world crowded with increasingly unreliable information. This agreement with Systematic enables us to deliver our assured OSINT to those who need it, when they need it,” Ben Conklin, Chief Product Officer at Janes, said. 

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