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Janes partners with ESRI for Conflict Observatory

WASHINGTON D.C. - Janes, the defense intelligence provider, partners with Esri for Conflict Observatory to document alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

Janes will provide access to assured open-source foundational data, delivered through Janes Intara which enables the integration of multiple data sources into an existing platform or tool. The enriched data that Intara provides will provide a greater understanding as to what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. 

Following the U.S. Department of State's announcement of the launch of the new Conflict Observatory to analyze evidence of alleged war crimes committed by Russia, Janes will work closely with Esri, the leader in geographic information systems, on this project. The other partners include the Bureau of Conflict Stabilization Operations, the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative, PlanetScape Ai, and Yale University's Humanitarian Lab. 

Ben Conklin, Chief Product Officer at Janes, said, “As the leaders in OSINT, we are proud to support this initiative. Janes Intara has been instrumental in understanding what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. We know that our enriched data will be key in creating an integrated picture for this project.”


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