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Janes becomes OSINT Foundation Platinum Sponsor

28 July 2023

Janes, the OSINT Agency, is proud to become a Platinum-Level Sponsor with the OSINT Foundation.

Washington, DC: Janes is proud to announce that it has joined the OSINT Foundation as a Platinum-Level Sponsor. The OSINT Foundation is the professional association for OSINT practitioners who support the US Intelligence Community.

"At Janes, as the leader for open-source defense intelligence, our goal is to support our customers through accelerated decision making and I am really excited that we have become a sponsor of the OSINT Foundation,” said Samuel Gordy, President, Janes US. “As we expand our US presence, including a new office in Arlington, we are keen to engage with the intelligence community, share expertise, and continue to support their mission. The OSINT Foundation will help bring that engagement even closer."

About Janes (

The Janes stamp of trust means supplying our customers with timely, validated, unbiased, and relevant intelligence in a world crowded with increasingly unreliable information. With an unmatched legacy of more than 120 years, Janes has adapted, expanded, and developed its unique tradecraft while transitioning from a traditional military publisher to the leading global agency for open-source defense intelligence.

About Janes interconnected intelligence

Janes has interconnected millions of assured data points across Janes foundational intelligence to deliver the single source of truth. The new solution increases decision certainty, interconnecting Janes assured intelligence across military capabilities and order of battle, events, equipment, markets, forecasts, and manufacturers. The ability to interconnect, contextualize, and integrate Janes foundational intelligence with third-party and customers’ own data delivers a consistent framework that supports the exploitation of all intelligence sources in a shareable, actionable manner, resulting in a more complete and assured assessment.

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