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Zen Technologies to provide C-UAS and driving simulators to Indian Army

Zen Technologies will provide 20 Zen Anti-Drone Systems (pictured) to the Indian Army along with 69 driving simulators for the Ashok Leyland Stallion range of trucks under two contracts secured in September. (Zen Technologies)

Hyderabad-based Zen Technologies secured two contracts worth INR2.27 billion (USD27.3 million) and INR1.2 billion from the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) in September to provide counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UASs) and driving simulators to forces.

An industry source told Janes on 27 September that under these two contracts, Zen Technologies will supply at least 20 units of its C-UAS, named the Zen Anti-Drone System (ZADS), as well as 69 driving simulators for the Ashok Leyland Stallion range of trucks to the Indian Army.

Delivery of both the C-UAS and the driving simulators will commence from March 2024, the source said.

Company officials have previously told Janes that ZADS includes a radio frequency (RF) detector, a jammer, antennas for the jammer and detector, and a video-based drone identification and tracking (VDIT) system. The system has a detection range of 5 km and a jamming range of 4 km.

The jammer in ZADS can simultaneously jam global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signals, industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio bands, mobile signals, and any other intercepted frequencies, thereby disabling a hostile unmanned aerial vehicle's (UAV's) link with its ground control station (GCS).

With the help of an inbuilt library, ZADS can identify different UAVs. This library can be updated based on user requirements. The RF detector and VDIT of the C-UAS help an operator differentiate between friendly and hostile UAVs. The ZADS also uses an X-band 2D/3D radar to detect and track UAVs. The system can detect up to 100 UAVs in a swarm.

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