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Update: CEA Technologies to build air-defence radars for ADF

CEA Technologies is building four new air-defence radars (pictured above) for the ADF. (Commonwealth of Australia)

Canberra-based CEA Technologies has secured a “multimillion-dollar” contract from the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) to build four new air-defence radars, Australia's Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy announced on 21 July.

“The new sensors will be able to detect aircraft and missile threats at greater ranges and with increased accuracy than our current systems, allowing for real-time critical information to be received and affording greater warning, decision, and response time,” Conroy said.

The new radars use active electronically scanned array (AESA) technology and will replace “four in-service radars” of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), a spokesperson for the DoD told Janes on 27 July.

The new sensors “are designed to operate against the latest generation of airborne targets”, the spokesperson said.

They “are able to perform three-dimensional volume search, surface search, fire-control support, and target classification in demanding, cluttered and jamming environments”, the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson told Janes that “the sensors are currently scheduled for delivery” in 2024.

The contract secured by CEA Technologies is part of the Australian government's AUD2.7 billion (USD1.8 billion) investment in the DoD's new Joint Air Battle Management System (JABMS).

“As a critical component of the JABMS, the radars will enhance situational awareness and interoperability” across the (ADF) and with Australia's allies, Conroy said.

The contract will increase CEA Technologies' workforce from “530 staff to over 800 in coming years”, he said.

Conroy said CEA's radar technology is also “currently installed on the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) Anzac-class frigates”. According to Conroy, the new ground-based sensor applications will be based on the same radar technologies.

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