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Ukraine conflict: Russia equips T-80BVM tank with new C-UAS

The Saniya C-UAS fitted on the turret roof cage of a Russian 1st Army Corps T-80BVM tank. (Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation)

A new counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) known as Saniya, developed by Russian company 3MX, has been equipped on one of Russia's T-80BVM tanks.

The system was seen onboard a Russian 1st Army Corps T-80BVM tank operating near Pervomayskoye, Ukraine in a video posted by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on Telegram on 14 January.

Tests of the C-UAS were scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023, after which the company said it would begin to scale up production.

Saniya automatically detects and suppresses first person vehicles (FPVs) from ranges of up to 1.5 km and 1 km respectively. The system encompasses a passive detector, featuring two small vertical antennas, and a distinct suppressor, comprising eight approximately 0.5 m antennas (two vertical and six diagonal).

Saniya can be deployed to protect stationary positions or be operated on-the-move, enabled with added vibration pads to absorb shocks from armoured vehicles.

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