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Terma to supply C-Flex CMS for Indonesia's KCR-60 vessels

The Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut: TNI-AL) has approved the procurement of Danish company Terma's C-Flex combat management system (CMS) for its KCR-60 guided-missile fast attack craft.

Terma said the approval comes after the successful completion of factory acceptance tests (FATs) for four new C-Flex systems. Two of these tests were conducted virtually because of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and two were overseen by Indonesian defence attachés.

The company said in a recent statement that the programme features the delivery of the C-Flex CMS as well as its C-Guard decoy launching system, the C-Fire fire-control system, and the SCANTER air and surface surveillance radar for all four KCR-60 vessels.

Terma will also integrate all sensors and effectors onboard the KCR-60 vessels.

A company spokesperson told Janes on 27 January that the C-Flex CMS will enable the TNI-AL to operate systems sourced from various manufacturers.

“Terma's architecture and philosophy is to be agnostic towards choice of sensors and effectors,” said the spokesperson.

The spokesperson added that it is “upon the customer to decide what weapon suite and sensors they want, which [Terma] then integrates into their C-Flex CMS”.

The TNI-AL's four KCR-60 vessels are expected to be ready for sea acceptance and live-firing tests this year with the first test scheduled for July or August, according to Terma.

The company added that once completed the KCR-60 vessels will be equipped with surveillance, an electronic support measures system, and identification systems, as well as guns, missile launchers, and decoy systems.

According to Janes Naval Weapon Systems, C-Flex, which has been in service since 2002, is an integrated, scalable command-and-control (C2) system designed for patrol and amphibious vessels conducting exclusive economic zone (EEZ) missions and securing territorial waters.

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