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Sweden to receive thermal cameras to bolster littoral surveillance

The Jaegar Searcher 300 mm cooled MWIR thermal zoom lens camera. (Silent Sentinel)

Silent Sentinel will provide its long-range thermal cameras to the Swedish Armed Forces.

The British threat-detection company was awarded a contract by Kongsberg Norcontrol to deliver its Jaegar multisensor platforms to the Swedish Armed Forces to bolster littoral security along the country's coastline, Silent Sentinel announced on 3 October.

A Silent Sentinel spokesperson told Janes that the company would deliver its Jaegar Searcher thermal medium-wave infrared (MWIR) cameras, with deliveries expected during the next several months. They were unable to detail the value of the contract, the number of units being delivered, and where the units will be installed.

The systems will be used for advanced detection of unknown vessels, maintaining safety and security, and alerting operators to potential threats, the company added.

Jaegar Searcher is a high-performance cooled MWIR thermal zoom lens camera, with zoom lens options between 43.6 mm and 785 mm for the standard variant and 20 mm and 2400 mm for the high-definition (HD) version. The standard variant has a maximum detection range of 24.3 km for individuals and 38.8 km for vehicles, while the HD variant can detect vehicles up to 44.9 km away. It is ideally suited for single mast deployments such as on mobile, border, and maritime applications.

Electronic image stabilisation (EIS) and purpose-built cold-starter kits will be integrated on the platforms to ensure functionality in cold environments, the company said.

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