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Sweden orders new ground-based radars from Thales

Sweden has acquired the SMART-L MM/F AESA radar that is capable of detecting missiles from 2,000 km and low-observable threats from 65 km and has a track capacity of up to 2,000 targets. (Thales)

Sweden has acquired new long-range radars from Thales to bolster its air surveillance and ballistic missile defence capabilities.

The contract, signed with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), is for the company's SMART-L Multi Mission Fixed (MM/F) land-based long-range radar.

A Thales spokesperson informed Janes that the radars would be delivered between 2025 and 2028, although they were unable to comment on the number of units being procured.

SMART-L is a series of L-band (NATO D-band) (1–2 GHz) 3D active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars designed for air and surface surveillance as well as target designation. The systems are available in a land (MM/F), deployable (MM/D), and naval (MM/N) variants and have an instrumented range of up to 2,000 km. This allows the systems to detect a wide range of aerial threats, including low-observable aircraft and ballistic missiles. In addition, the radars have the capability to observe and detect objects in space.

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