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SOFINS 2023: Actronika presents haptic feedback suit

Actronika haptic feedback suit. (Janes/Amael Kotlarski)

French company Actronika unveiled a virtual tactical training system centred around a haptic feedback suit at the SOFINS 2023 defence exhibition held near Bordeaux, France.

Adapted from Skinetic, the company's flagship product designed primarily to support virtual reality (VR) gaming, the new prototype suit was reworked to fit underneath a plate carrier. This is to enable users to train with a real-world equipment loadout. The outer shell of the suit is lined with haptic actuators, enabling the suit to simulate a number of physical sensations, such as the impact of a projectile, the fall of rain, or the feeling of constriction. Aside from the haptic actuators, the company said that including electrodes to heighten the simulated sensation of being hit is being explored. The suit also includes an audio-to-haptics feature.

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