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MADEX 2023: Hensoldt partners with LIG Nex1 to market persistent surveillance systems

A mock-up of the OctoEye360 on display at MADEX 2023. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Germany-headquartered Hensoldt has partnered with South Korea's LIG Nex1 to market a line of persistent surveillance systems to the region.

The solutions are marketed under the joint venture company known as LNZ Optronics.

The early products that are marketed to the region include the OctoEye360 observation system for submarines, said a company representative who spoke to Janes at the MADEX 2023 exhibition held in Busan.

The OctoEye360 is a persistent, non-rotating panoramic observation system that can be fitted on a submarine's snorkel mast. It features eight high-resolution daylight cameras and eight uncooled thermal imagers.

โ€œThere are several upcoming submarine programmes coming up in the Asia-Pacific region. The joint venture has been created to position our products better for customers here,โ€ said the LNZ Optronics representative who spoke to Janes .

Besides the OctoEye360, LNZ Optronics is also marketing the PANOS360 panoramic observation systems for surface vessels. Like the OctoEye360, the system employs a combination of daylight camera and thermal imagers to maintain persistent surveillance around the vessel.

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