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IT²EC 2022: Saab unveils new concept UAV demonstrator

Saab unveils concept UAV simulator as part of its Beyond Live solution. (Janes)

Saab has unveiled a concept unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) simulator at the International Training Technology Exhibition & Conference (IT²EC) 2022 in London.

Speaking to Janes, Hans Lindgren, head of Saab Business Development at Training and Simulation, said that the UAV demonstrator is part of the Gamer series of systems and can be integrated with the company's exercise control (EXCON) software – where users can plan, execute, control, and evaluate information from live-training exercises.

Lindgren explained that the concept demonstrator is part of Saab's blended live and virtual solution. In this instance, the virtual asset (the UAV simulator) is integrated with their EXCON system, which distributes information – such as Global Positioning System (GPS) data – to augment the training.

Saab's Gamer platform is a mobile, computerised radio-controlled instrumentation system providing combined weapons training for armoured and infantry units. The system is based on a series of scalable, modular simulators and communication systems that can be configured to different needs, Lindgren said.

Although the system is a conceptual platform, the company is open to discussions with customers to develop and adapt the system to meet user requirements, he noted.

Saab's Beyond Live is one of the company's latest additions to the live/virtual training domain, adding new weapon types, including indirect-fire and non-line-of-sight capabilities, as well as mixed-reality exercise control.

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