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Italy opts for SitaWare HQ for higher echelons of command

The Italian Army operating SitaWare HQ, known internally by the army as Imperio, during military exercise ‘Cursor 2023'. (Italian Army)

The Italian Army has opted for Systematic's SitaWare Headquarters (HQ) command-and-control (C2) software for its higher echelons of command, Janes has learnt.

SitaWare HQ, known internally in the Italian Army as Imperio, will be rolled out from the regimental to army corps level, simplifying the operations process, improving interoperability between allied forces, and establishing the groundwork for a genuine cultural shift in C2 in military operations, Lieutenant Colonel Luigi Carlà, Italian Army General Staff – VI Division, C5I Systems, informed Janes on 10 January.

Several hundred licences of SitaWare HQ have been procured for the army so far, with the acquisition process ongoing. The solution includes various add-ons, which meet the army's requirements, enabling interoperability with its allied forces and national legacy systems, Lt Col CarlĂ  said. He was unable to elaborate on which add-ons were selected.

Imperio will primarily act as a “mission command tool for mounted troops, mainly for static and mobile command posts, facilitating the management and distribution of the COP [common operating picture] across the armed forces command chain”, Lt Col Carlà said. Once established, the solution has the potential to “significantly enhance operational flexibility, minimise deployment time, and offer extensive interoperability capabilities”, he added.

When asked when Imperio would reach full operating capability (FOC), Lt Col Carlà said it would be achieved in 2024 after all security certifications are met, adding that it had already played an important role during C2 exercise ‘Cursor 23', with the Pinerolo Brigade spearheading the activities.

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