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Indra introduces new vehicle situational awareness system

Indra's new vehicle situational awareness system aims to enhance threat detection and reduce the cognitive burden. (Indra)

Indra has developed a new armoured vehicle situational awareness system designed to improve threat detection and evaluation.

Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), the system analyses images from visible, night-vision, and infrared cameras fitted on the vehicle, improving the range and identification of individuals and platforms as well as reducing the cognitive burden, an announcement from the company detailed on 20 May.

The system also supports friend-or-foe identification and threat-level assessment and can suggest potential countermeasures and courses of action, the company added.

Although its name remains undecided, a company spokesperson informed Janes that it is ready for export and is being installed in the Spanish Army's Tracked Support Vehicle (Vehículo de Apoyo de Cadenas: VAC).

VAC aims to replace around 2,000 vehicles from the M113 tracked armoured personnel carrier (APC) family that are in service with the Spanish Army. Manufacturing is expected to start this year. The vehicles are utilising the same mission systems as the Spanish Army's 8×8 Wheeled Combat Vehicle (Vehículo de Combate sobre Ruedas: VCR) Dragón.

Beyond this, the company is targeting other major European defence programmes and is positioning its technology to be part of the baseline for the next generation of armoured vehicles, the spokesperson said.

For more information on Spain's armoured vehicle programmes, please see IAV 2024: Spain outlines progress on Army 35 armoured vehicle modernisation programmesandFAVS 2023: Spain plans to sign VAC Tracked Support Vehicle contract by end of year .

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