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IMDEX 2023: Rafael unveils Torbuster SP torpedo countermeasure for surface vessels

A mock-up of the Torbuster SP on display at IMDEX 2023. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and its subsidiary DSIT Solutions have jointly unveiled a surface vessel-launched variant of the Torbuster hard-kill torpedo countermeasure system.

The original Torbuster is a submarine-launched torpedo countermeasure, which was developed to meet a requirement for the Israeli Navy.

The surface vessel-launched variant is known as the Torbuster SP, and it is being unveiled for the first time at the IMDEX 2023 naval exhibition held in Changi, Singapore, from 3 to 5 May, a Rafael representative told Janes at the exhibition.

Similar to the submarine-launched variant, the Torbuster SP can employ either generic or tailored acoustic signals to lure an incoming torpedo. Once it senses that it is at the closest point of approach of the incoming torpedo, the Torbuster SP detonates its warhead.

The Torbuster SP has a length of about 1 m, a diameter of about 200 mm, and weighs about 150 kg per unit. It is deployed via pneumatically charged launcher tubes and can be operated via a dedicated torpedo defence system (TDS) console. Besides taking launch instructions, the TDS allows the operator to monitor the status of all Torbuster units deployed.

The Torbuster SP can operate at depths in excess of 370 m, but requires a minimum water depth of at least 100 m to survive the impact of its launch, and fully deploy its acoustic signals.

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